Import Wizard

Import Wizard 7.0.11

Import Wizard enables you to easily import text based files...

Import Wizard enables you to easily import text based files into Access 97/2000/XP, Excel 97/2000/XP and ODBC databases. The software goes beyond the standard text import functionality by allowing imports with multiple lines per record and importing headers and footers.

The software will prove to be very useful to import information from Windows, non-Windows systems (mainframe, UNIX, etc. ), legacy systems, internet, etc.

The imported information can be manipulated as a table in the database into which it was imported. Supported input (source) formats:Fixed character position files (such as printer spool files)Delimited filesHTML files with tablesSupported output formats:MS-AccessMS-ExcelMS-SQL ServerdBaseODBCDelimited text filesHTML table filesHow does it work?

Ninety-nine percent of software systems have a provision to print reports to a printer spool file instead of printing directly to a printer. This software uses these printer spool files to create tables.

A step-by-step wizard helps you create import templates within minutes. The templates can be saved and re-used or modified at a later time. Full documentation and samples are included.

This software will save you a lot of headaches trying to figure out a way to transfer data between systems. Import Wizard includes the standalone program Import Wizard Pro and add-ins for Access and Excel.

A separate Software Development Kit is available for users that want to redistribute applications with Import Wizard functionality included. See.